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Stranger Things Season 2 Spoilers: Eleven Alive & Will Be Returning In New Season?

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Stranger Things Season 2 Spoilers

Netflix is at it again as the online streaming service has just made another hit new show that everyone cannot seem to stop talking about. Stranger Things is a horror-drama set in the 1980?s which features Winona Ryder as a desperate mom trying to find her lost kid. The first season of the show was a major success which is why many fans have been looking forward to any Stranger Things Season 2 Spoilers that they can find.

Just a warning though, there may be some serious Stranger Things Season 2 Spoilers below so be sure to proceed at your own risk.

The Stranger Things Season 1 finale was epic but it certainly left many questions hanging. For one, it is not clear if Eleven is indeed dead after using her telekinetic powers to defeat the blood-hungry monster from the upside down. Viewers see her screaming as she is using her powers against the monster who is also screeching in pain. Afterwards, the monster disintegrates but with Eleven also nowhere to be found.

The episode clearly was telling fans that Eleven was going to die trying to save Mike, Dustin and Lucas. She said goodbye to Mike just before she used her powers against the monster. While everyone was surely sad to see El seemingly die heroically, the episode ended with a major question mark when Chief Hopper entered the woods brining a Tupperware full of food he got from the station Christmas party. He made his way to a box which was covered in snow and in it he placed the container of food. Before he closed the box, he also placed some Eggos in it.

Stranger Things Season 2 Spoilers

As you can remember, Eggo?s is one of Eleven?s favorite foods. This certainly opens up the possibility that she is alive, though Netflix has not made any comment about it or if they are going to renew the hit new show.

According to Bustle, Eleven is still probably alive and that fans ?probably haven?t seen the last of her?. Certainly, if the strong possibility that Netflix will renew Stranger Things for Season 2, Eleven has got to come back and shed some light into the other mysteries in the show. For one, there may be other monsters that she would need to fight. Also, Mike already invited her to a school dance so it remains to be seen if she fulfills her promise.

Be sure to watch out for more Stranger Things Season 2 spoilers and news and be the first to know the latest scoop about the hit new show.

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