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Stranger Things Season 2

Stranger Things will be back for a second season with the whole gang and a few additions.

The Netflix Original Series was one of the most talked-about new shows of 2016, and it isn?t surprising that the series was renewed for a new season.

Production of the second season has indeed started this month. The official twitter account of the series released a photo of the cast in a script reading. Thematically, the photo and the text were upside-down. (Stranger Things fans will understand.)

Matt Duffer told IGN that the second season will explore the repercussions of everything that happened in season 1.

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Sean Astin as Bob Newby

According to Entertainment Weekly, The Goonies and Lord of the Rings franchise actor Sean Astin will be joining the cast. Astin?s character ?Bob Newby? is described as ? a kindhearted former nerd who went to highschool with Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Hopper (David Harbour) and now manages the local Hawkins RadioShack.?

Aliens and Whiplash actor Paul Reiser will also be in the second season and has reportedly been cast as Dr. Owens, ?a high-ranking member within the Department of Energy on a ?clean-up? assignment, tasked with containing the events of last year.?

Based on his character’s description, Reiser could be playing the second season?s villain.

New Casts Introduced

Actress Sadie Sink from American Odyssey and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is cast as ?Max? and is featured in the first episode of the second season titled ?Madmax?. Power Rangers actor Dacre Montgomery will play Max?s older brother ?Billy?.

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Danish actress Lina Berthelsen?s character ?Roman? will also be introduced. She is ?an emotionally damaged, magnetic young woman who suffered a great loss as a child. Although she does not live in Hawkins, she is mysteriously connected to the supernatural events at the lab.?

A video posted on the series? Facebook Page show the phrases ?Madmax,? ?The Boy Who Came Back to Life,? ?The Pumpkin Patch,? ?The Palace,? ?The Storm,? ?The Pollywog,? ?The Secret Cabin,? ?The Brain,? and ?The Lost Brother.? The video then explains that the adventure continues in the ?fall of 1984.?

The Duffer Brothers confirmed that those are the titles of the second season?s nine episodes, but are subject to change.

You can binge-watch all episodes of Stranger Things on Netflix come August 2017.

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