?Stranger Things Season 2? Release Date, Spoilers: Here?s What Probably Happened To Eleven

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Stranger Things season 2 spoilers
Stranger Things season 2 spoilers

Stranger Things Season 1 premiered on July 11, 2016. It was a Netflix original series that hit the world by storm. With every episode as captivating as the next, fans of the series are left wondering about the next season. If the next season will happen, it may happen soon. Here are some details about the Stranger Things Season 2 release date and spoilers.

Spoiler Alert! – Stranger Things Season 1 finale episode ended with Will, played by Noah Schnapp, being saved from the Upside Down with everything going back to ?normal? afterwards. However, at the very last scenes, Will was coughing up, what presumably are at least, ?evil slugs.? Furthermore, he seems to be able to go in and out of the normal world to the Upside Down. With Sheriff Hopper, portrayed by David Harbour, entering a car with government officers, it seems he now knows something others do not. Even more questioning was the fact that Eleven, played by Millie Brown, may still be alive. With Officer Callahan leaving some of Eleven?s favorite food in a small storage box somewhere in the middle of the forest, many fans believe that Eleven is somewhere still alive.

Will the cast be the same in Season 2?

In an?interview with Matt Duffer, the series co-creator , he says that there will be new characters. The new characters involved in the new season are still unknown. However, he also assures that the actors will stay the same.

?Yeah, we would introduce some new characters, but follow this group. We fell in love with the kids and all of our actors, so we want to stay with them. And now we know what they?re capable of. I know that I could throw David Harbour the craziest fastball, and he?ll hit it out of the park. I think we?ll have a lot of fun, if they let us do it,? Inquisitr quotes Matt Duffer as saying.

Although Season 2 has not yet been officially renewed by Netflix, it is safe to assume that the show will be renewed. With the huge fanbase the show has gathered, it may be no question that it?will be. In another interview of Matt Duffer with IGN, he says that the timeline will be moved to one year later after the Christmas episode. Due to the nature of the children growing up so quickly, he says that it?s impossible to start off where they ended. Furthermore, Ross Duffer says that it?s great to have feedback, comments and reviews about the show as it will help create more story and fill in the gaps for the audience.

Stranger Things season 2 spoilers

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Is Eleven still alive?

According to the interviews, both Matt and Ross Duffer were very open about the idea that Eleven is alive. Although somewhere in the universe, she is still alive. To quote Ross Duffer, he says, ?What did James Cameron say? No one?s ever dead in sci-fi.?

This may give fans a lot of hope as there is a chance to see Eleven in the next season. The Duffers also mentioned that they will peel back what have happened in the laboratory facility that Eleven was in. This could answer some of the questions as to whether there were 10 more children before Eleven in the experiment.

There are still a lot of things they have to work on in creating Stranger Things Season 2. However, with this in mind, even if Netflix has not announced the upcoming season. The writers themselves have spoken that there are already plans for it.

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