Stranger Things Season 2 Not Happening Just Yet: The Duffer Brothers and Fan Theories on What’s Next

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If you?ve been hiding under a rock all summer and haven?t watched Stranger Things, we suggest you stop what you?re doing right now and go binge-watch this newbie series sensation on Netflix. Proceed at your own risk because there are massive spoilers ahead for Stranger Things?season 2.

What most people do after watching the series finale is to search online for news about season 2, because we all know, with that finale, that the Duffer Brothers aren?t done with their story (why is it that brother creative combos work out so well? A shoutout to the Brothers Grimm). So why is it that Stranger Things?season 2 is not yet happening? There is no news of a season renewal yet, although given its success and the number of memes it has produced, Netflix would be a collective idiot if they didn?t go for a second season. So what?s the hold up? While we don?t know if there are any actual delays, Matt and Ross Duffer have been talking about the future of their creation. So what is next for Stranger Things?


In an interview last Friday on IGN, the two brilliant brothers talked about the future of some characters. A fan favorite who rose to viral stardom through internet memes, Barb cuts across as the sidekick turned victim, made more all the more tragic by the fact that in movies and TV series like these, its usually the popular asshole kids that get killed and not the loser best friend. No matter how much we had wanted a happy ending for Barb (admit it, you were thinking, if 10-year old Will could survive, why couldn?t have Barb?), there is simply no closure for this character, for her best friend Nancy or her worried mom. Sad but true ? there will be no Justice for Barb. Instead, the Duffers mentioned the possibility of Matthew Modine?s character coming back. He brings a lot more to the story in terms of mysteries to be answered, and death by being jumped on by an interdimensional being is unsatisfying, if not highly suspicious, given his high?ranking government official status.



There are a lot of mythologies, dimensions and character future?s to be explored in Stranger Things season 2. We?ll be getting to know more about Will. Being such a pivotal character in the show, we didn?t get to see much of him. We also expect to see Dustin, Mike and Lucas, albeit looking a bit more gangly and older, since the show is looking into a 1-2 year time jump. And of course, we’re very much expecting Eleven to be present, but in what form? There is a strong fan theory on what really happened to Eleven. Or rather, what really happened to Eleven and the Demogorgon. Ever wondered why Eleven only meets the Demogorgon in the black empty space of her consciousness, and not in the distorted world of the Upside Down? Except for the final killing scene, where Eleven raises her hand and the Demogorgon mirrors it. Could it be that they are one and the same? Eleven admitted to Mike, ?I?m the monster.?


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