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?Stranger Things? Season 2: Major Spoilers Revealed By Duffer Brothers

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Matt and Ross Duffer have a lot of exciting things to share about Stranger Things Season 2. The writers behind the Netflix phenomenon recently gave a sweet treat to fans as they revealed major spoilers from the show. They talked about its tone, plot and some chocolate pudding.

The Duff brothers revealed that Stranger Things Season 2 is going to be darker and a little weirder. Matt Duffer shared that he feels like they have the right to go a little weirder for the upcoming season and that has brought a lot of fun. He also revealed about having more VFX to play around with while sharing his excitement.

Fans could also expect Stranger Things Season 2 to show that Will Byers is missing. The sequel could be about looking for him and bringing him back. There will be a whole new tension which could make the series more exciting. Ross Duffer mentioned that the goal is to have the tension resolved by the end. That makes it its own sort of complete little movie.

In their recent interview with IGN, Matt Duffer assured that Barb will never be forgotten. The writers want to make sure that justice will be served for her. In Stranger Things Season 1, the town does not seem to mind Barb so much. Matt Duffer admitted that things got a little bit messy so there will be some cleanup to be done.

As for the romantic side of things, many avid viewers may be delighted, or get their hearts broken, to know that Jonathan might actually have his chance with Nancy in the upcoming season. In the last episodes, Nancy had to choose between self-assured jock Steve and shy nerd Jonathan. She seemed to have ended up with Steve, but that is surely not the end of it. Things among the three of them are bound to change in the next installment.

And, it looks like Dustin is finally getting all the chocolate pudding he wants when Stranger Things returns for its second season.

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