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Stranger Things Season 2 to Introduce Max, Roman and Billy; How Will These New Characters Impact the Show?

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Stranger Things Season 2 Spoilers

Stranger Things Season 1 has been a huge hit. This is regardless of the fact that it was only composed of eight episodes. Now that Stranger Things Season 2 is officially confirmed, spoilers and predictions just keep on coming. Avid viewers from the first instalment are dying to know what will happen next in the lives of the characters in the upcoming instalment.

It was recently revealed that the second instalment for Stranger Things will be a continuation of the season before it. Series writer Matt Duffer has confirmed that the story will explore the repercussions of all the events that have happened.

Avid viewers can also look forward to see new characters. Rumor has it that Stranger Things Season 2 will introduce three new roles.

Recent reports claim that the names of these new characters are Max, Roman and Billy. It was also stated that two of these new roles, Max and Roman, are set to join the cast as series regulars.

Executive producer Shawn Levy recently confirmed the arrival of new characters. According to Levy, these roles are sure to be compelling. And since the hit series is multigenerational, the actors that will be added to the cast belong to different age brackets.

Levy assured fans that they will be intrigued by the new characters. It looks like these new roles are going to bring a huge impact to the show.

Will Byers to Become Evil in Stranger Things Season 2

Meanwhile, Stranger Things Season 2 spoilers suggest that Will Byers will transform into an evil creature in the next instalment. It would be interesting to know how this well-loved character will overcome the monster inside him. Fans are left wondering if he could ever turn out to be good again.

It seems like actor Noah Schnapp is happy about his character becoming evil. The actor recently admitted that he had always wanted to see his character as one.

It was previously reported that there is a huge chance that Byers is holding the monster?s eggs in his body. Also, his transformation as an evil character could most likely have something do with his stay in The Upside Down.

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