?Stranger Things? Season 2 Air date, Spoilers: Will Becomes Evil?

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The air date of the Stranger Things Season 2 has yet to be announced but there are already speculations about where the TV series is heading come next season. Some of those predictions state that Will is going to be evil while three more characters will be infected.

It is safe to assume that Netflix made a huge surprise with this series as it became a fan-favorite through the summer, and with a lot of viewers expecting a second installment, the network has already confirmed that they are indeed going to create a second season. But, what could be its plot?

First thing you need to know is that the series will take a one year leap in the storyline, says executive producer Matt Duffer. It means that after the finale of the first season, events in Season 2 is going to start a year after. Another thing to expect is Eleven being alive.

According to the other executive producer, Ross Duffer, although the character?s whereabouts is unclear in the Season 1 finale, it was intended to be that way but it will be revealed in the next installment. Also, he shared a statement that would be a clear indication that Eleven is still alive. ?What did James Cameron say/ No one?s ever dead in sci-fi,? said Duffer.

Furthermore, if Eleven is alive, there is also a possibility that in Stranger Things Season 2, Demogorgon is still alive and it could be living in Will?s body. Back in the Season 1 finale, Will coughed up some kind of slug in the bathroom. After a while, flashbacks to the Upside Down were presented, reminiscing that trauma of the dark dimension.

Will?s face in that scene is somehow interpreted as someone who knows what is going on but does not intend to tell his mom and the people around him. As a result, there is a speculation that the Demogorgon is still alive in Will, which could lead him to turning evil in the next season. Another possibility is that a gateway to the Upside Down could have opened up if the monster really lives in Will. If that would be true, then fans can expect more monsters in the upcoming installment.

Aside from Will, Joyce (Winona Ryder), Chief Hopper (David Harbour), and Nancy (Natalia Dyer) could also be infected as a result of their trip to the Upside Down. The executive producers mentioned that the three entered that dark dimension without a helmet which would make them vulnerable to supernatural attacks.

How about you? Do you think Will will turn evil in Stranger Things Season 2? Is Eleven really alive? Are Joyce, Chief Hopper and Nancy infected? As mentioned, the next season release date is still unknown, stay tuned here on The Bitbag for updates. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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