Stranger Things Official Show Poster Created on an iPad Pro

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For digital artists who are used to Wacom creative pen displays and are on the fence about the iPad Pro, here is proof that the Apple tablet is not just all hype.?Kyle Lambert, who designed the 1980?s inspired poster of popular TV show Stranger Things, created it using the iPad Pro. The UK-based artist also used Apple Pencil.

The software used for the artwork included Adobe Photoshop for Mac and Procreate for iOS.

Lambert, an artist trained in oil paints, enjoyed the challenge of reproducing traditional painting style using new digital tools. According to his interview with Mashable, he used the iPad Pro for the preliminary sketch and composition of the Stranger Things poster, because he found out that he was able to sketch in the iPad in a natural way with the use of the Apple Pencil. He further explained that the Procreate app had reliable Pencil brushes to draw with.

?After I completed the sketch, I did some basic tonal blocking in Procreate and then exported this artwork to Photoshop where I upscaled the image to a higher resolution,? he shared further. The main reason being that he needed to paint small elements in a high resolution, in case the image needed to be enlarged later on.

Stranger Things initial sketch done on iPad Pro

The original sketch done initially on an iPad Pro. (Photo credit: macrumors.com)


Lambert has previously shared an iPad art video years ago showing the real-time creation of a photorealistic Morgan Freeman illustration. He created this on the iPad Air. Imagine being able to recreate that image in the even better palette of the iPad Pro.

?Once the overall image [Stranger Things] was coming together, I exported a flat version of the poster ?back to the iPad, and used Procreate again to add layers of detail to areas that I felt needed to have a more fluid sketch style,? the artist further shares. ?I did several layer adjustments like this between the two devices and applications to give the poster a finished look.?

It?s not to say though that creating art is just a simple process of doodling on a tablet, but rather a detailed and labourous work to execute techniques and produce the best image. On the other hand, this goes to prove that the iPad Pro is not just a silly tablet for browsing, but an artist?s partner, ready to take on the biggest jobs.

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