Stranger Things Experience: Netflix Ventures on VR thru Special Scene

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As if Stranger Things watched on TV or your laptop isn?t scary enough, imagine having to be immersed in the scene and experiencing the show via virtual reality. ?Netflix has created VR content for a scene in the steadily rising sci-fi thriller.

The 360 YouTube clip lets the viewer feel as though they?re right in the middle of a slightly altered version of a tense moment from the show. The scene in question being, Will?s mother, Joyce, played by Winona Ryder, finds an unusual way to communicate with her missing son, via the use of Christmas lights strewn all over her house.

The scene lets you look around the dark house, while you hear Joyce?s desperate attempts to communicate with Will, played by Noah Schnapp. Don?t forget to answer the phone when it rings, or you?ll miss the most exciting part. The cast of the show was treated to experience the 360 video and they were definitely not acting as they navigated the less than 2-minute terrifying clip.

Unique atmospheric series

?Yes, this is the first time we?ve used Google Cardboard and VR to promote a specific show (if you don?t count 360 video),? Netflix told TechCrunch in a statement. ?Stranger Things is a uniquely atmospheric series that inspired us to create a fun way to immerse viewers in the rich world, allow them to experience the thrills and mystery of the story and excite them to watch the series.?

Stranger Things follows the story of Will Byers, who went missing due to supernatural forces. His friends, Dustin, Lucas and Mike, together with a mysterious girl, Eleven, whom they met along the way, try to find and rescue him. ?It also tells the story of a mother who will go to any length to find and save her son.

The show is reminiscent of the 80s, an era of good music, wild imagination and where simply collecting the perfect rock is considered a good way to hang out with friends. The show draws inspiration from films such as Poltergeist, The Shining, and E.T.

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