The Strain Season 4 Cancelled? Season 3 Scaled Down To 10 Episodes To End Story This Year?

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The Strain Season 3 is finally here and fans are excited for the return of this vampire action-drama TV series. However, based on the recent changes in the show, it seems like this season is going to be the last as the creators trimmed it down to fewer episodes.

It can be recalled that the series was expected to have at least five seasons, but creator Chuck Hogan never failed to tell the viewers that the path to the end is always evolving, which could be the case for the show.

Originally, the past two seasons of the show had 13 episodes each, but it was cut down to 10 in the upcoming season. With that sudden move from the producers, there are speculations that the show is going to end in the third season. Now, in a recent interview with Hogan, he clarified why they came up with the decision.

Strain Season 4 May Run Out of Content

According to the creator, The Strain Season 3 will only have 10 episodes because they are already done laying the ground work for the series. They passed through the phase of introducing what has been going on and their characters will now try to actively fight against it. He also added that this season is going to be ?pretty much wall to wall? and it is going to be ?crazy stuff.?

If that would be ?the case, then it would somehow mean that the show is indeed nearing its end. Plus, with 10 episodes at hand for the third season, it generates the theory that there is no more to tell in the story and the creators will just deliver the final act in this installment without going to the fourth season.

Book Series Limits TV Show

The TV show is based on a three-book series so it would really be difficult to adapt it into five seasons of TV with less filler episodes. Although there are indications that the series would end this season, Hogan clarified that even him does not actually know when the action-drama will end.

Whether or not The Strain Season 3 is going to be the last for the show, fans should still expect a lot to happen in the series and the ending will still finish strong as expected. How about you? Do you think the third season will end the TV series? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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The Strain Season 3 is scheduled to premiere Sunday, August 28, on FX at 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

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