?The Strain? Season 3 Spoilers: Nora Returns? EPs Tease ?Major Story Turn? In Episode 3

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Mia Maestro as Nora, Photo: Mia Maestro/Facebook

The Strain Season 3 spoilers suggest that Nora Martinez (Mia Maestro), who was killed off last season, could possibly return in Season 3.

Dr. Ephraim Goodweather (Corey Stall) has had a rough run. The series started with his divorce with Kelly (Natalie Brown), then the Strigoi plague broke out and Kelly turned into one of the blood suckers. In Season 2, Nora, who was Eph?s colleague and girlfriend was killed off. ?And to top it all off, his son Zach (Max Charles) was taken away to the Master by Kelly at the end of Season 3.

Now, Eph is completely broken, but he has to be strong for his son. Apart from putting an end to this epidemic and the Strigoi invasion over New York and the rest of the world, Eph needs to save his son from Kelly and the Master.

But could the series bring more pain to Eph with the return of Nora? Because if ever she returns, she will definitely not be herself. Executive producer, Chuck Hogan teased a ?major story turn? in episode 3 during the TCA (Television Critics Association) panel on Tuesday, TVLine reports. He adds that he doesn?t think people are anticipating that major turn at that point in the season. Coming out of the major plot twist, he says that the storyline ?spins off into an interesting direction.?


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What could this major plot twist be? Is it Nora-related? Is it about Zach? Will Kelly feed on Zach and turn him into a Strigoi? Are they in intentionally making Eph suffer even more?

Hogan also shared that when they were writing about killing off Nora, there was ?a lot of back and forth? in the writers room about that decision. And in the end he thought, ?If we did the unthinkable, what pressure would that put on other characters, what would that do to the story??

Then executive producer Carlton Cuse playfully added, ?Spoiler! Yes, you will see photocopying? in Season 3. Photocopying? So will Nora return? Will Eph see another loved one turn into a Strigoi?

What do you think will be this ?major story turn? in episode 3? We just have to stay tuned to find out.

Don?t miss the premiere of The Strain Season 3, Aug. 28, 10p.m. ET on FX. ?

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