Straighten your teeth without dental visits with this at-home clear aligner treatment

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Your smile says a lot about you and it can mean a world of difference to how you feel about yourself. Who wouldn’t want to flash a perfect set of pearl whites, anyway? If misaligned teeth is your problem, one of the most common dental solutions and popular choices are braces – which actually entails a costly treatment and requires frequent dental visits. The good news is, you can get your teeth problem addressed without office visits.


That’s right. You can confidently express yourself without your teeth getting in the way with Candid!



What is Candid?

Candid is a company committed to bring you a more confident smile by fixing and straightening your misaligned teeth. But unlike other typical orthodontic treatments, your treatment will not require you to numerous dental visits. Plus, it won’t cost you as much, too!


How does it work?


The process should be very simple. Here, take a look!

Step 1: Just take photos and impressions of your teeth, or get a free scan at a Studio, then a team from Candid will take it from there.

Step 2: The orthodontists from Candid will assess your case. Then they’ll design your treatment plan. When it’s ready, you’ll get a 3D model of your teeth straightening over time.

Step 3: Your aligners will be delivered. Your teeth straightening kit includes your full set of aligners and everything you need for remote monitoring by a doctor.

What happens next?

To help you achieve your desired results fast, Candid will monitor the progress of your treatment remotely. With remote monitoring, you can have it all: the discreteness of clear aligners, the convenience of treatment without office visits, and oversight by an orthodontist.

 Now, you’ll have a whole new reason to smile!

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