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Storks is an animated film kids will love and parents will truly appreciate. It will tug at your heart and even bring you to tears. Well, sometimes because it’s so funny. But overall, because it’s heartwarming and describes the essence of being a family. Of being good parents to your children.

This hilarious movie is premised on a joke that only an adult can find funny. The age old question “where do babies come from?” can be answered by referencing to long-beaked birds. Here’s why.

The story kicks off on the factory floor of Cornerstore.com. It’s an Amazon-like corporation that used to deliver babies. Yes, you heard it right. As in. To your doorstep. Alright. Then the company has decided to switch gears and go more for the consumerist kind (like smartphones).

So now the company’s fleet of storks who once used to deliver babies are now delivering smartphones. That’s well and good. Until Junior (Andy Samberg), the company’s middle manager, finds himself up for a promotion.

You Up to the Task?

Hunter (Kelsey Grammer), who is Cornerstone’s CEO, tells him that one way he can prove himself worthy of the position is to pass a test. He needs to fire one of the company’s longest-serving employee: the orphan. She goes by the name of Tulip who’s been living with the storks as a result of a messed up delivery. Unfortunately, she has now reached the fireable age of 18.

Meanwhile, in the human world, there’s Nate. He’s an imaginative young boy who’s left mostly on his own by his super busy parents (Jennifer Anniston and Ty Burrell). He gets bored and decides to request for a baby brother. Nate makes a request and sends it to the babymakers on Stork Mountain. Tulip, who remains unfired by Junior, intercepts it. Then she manages to feed it to the company’s retired but well-functioning baby-making apparatus.

And boom! Now there’s a baby that needs to be delivered. Tulip, who feels responsible for the baby, and by Junior, who feels responsible for Tulip. And their roller coaster adventure begins.

The Verdict

This animated film is a great gag. It’s one way of admitting how babies and their needs take over adult’s lives. But in order to understand it, you have to be a new parent. But your kids will love it, you parents will probably watch it again. And again. Overall, it’s worth your time, your money, your energy. Watch it. You won’t regret it. Promise.

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