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StoreDot Mobile Charger Powers -Up Samsung Galaxy 4 in 30 Seconds

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StoreDot Mobile Charger Powers -Up Samsung Galaxy 4 in 30 Seconds

Everyone has, at one point in his life, experienced the mobile phone battery crisis.

You are on your way to a party, or late for an important meeting, when you suddenly notice that your mobile phone’s battery charge is down to a single ?bar?.

It was quite different several years ago when cellphone batteries would last for several days and you would just need to charge it once a week. The smartphones of today eat up juice like crazy and charging your smartphone while you sleep is a routine for many.

Of course, a lot of people have tried to find solutions like having a car charger in their vehicles, or keeping an extra charger (or two) in the office and elsewhere.

In recent years, extra battery packs have been an essential phone buddy for those who are always online or to those who cannot stop playing Candy Crush or Flappy Bird.

Indeed, charging our smartphones has become a major concern in our daily life, and StoreDot may just have the best solution.

Charging your smartphone from zero to full in just 30 seconds.

Yes, you heard me right, 30 seconds.

That is all the time it takes, if you use the charger created by StoreDot, a start-up company from Israel.

The battery charger that was unveiled by StoreDot in the recent Think Next Conference of Microsoft, in Tel Aviv, uses nanotechnology and achieved the 30 second power-up in front of an amazed crowd.

The charger, which is in a prototype stage, uses nano sized bio-organic quantum dots. These dots are a form of conductive crystals that enable what they call ?nimble charging?.

The Israeli firm, StoreDot, is a Nanotech Research Firm, and they stumbled upon this technology while it was making biological semiconductors. The semiconductors perform a number of tasks, but the company discovered that it can also store a charge, emit light and make high-capacity (meaning quick charging) batteries.

The prototype StoreDot charger is currently the size of a regular charger for laptops but the firm said it is currently working on making it smaller and portable. The charger used in the demonstration was created to charge a Samsung Galaxy 4 but StoreDot said that it is also developing chargers for other smartphones.

According to the Wall Street Journal, StoreDot plans to start manufacturing the chargers by ?late 2016?.

Analysts estimate that the charger will probably be sold for US$ 30 dollars as StoreDot refused to speculate on the actual cost of the item, but hinted that it will probably cost about double the current price of regular smartphone chargers.

If you still don’t believe the StoreDot 30 second charger claim, do watch this video provided by Doron Myersdorf / YouTube :

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