10 unique storage bins, baskets, and shelves for your home

Organize your stuff in fun and stylish storage furniture.

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Photo: Apollo Box

Fun and stylish storage boxes from Apollo Box for your organizing needs:

  1. Giraffe-Inspired Storage Basket
  2. Trendy Acrylic Book Shelf
  3. Wooden Crate Storage Box
  4. Medical-Themed Boxes
  5. Cat-Inspired Storage Box
  6. Handsome Leather Organizer
  7. Cute Animal Storage Basket
  8. Wooden Rocket Shelf
  9. Cute Duck Storage Shelf
  10. Cactus Iron Storage Shelf

Tired of clutter? Organize your stuff in a fun way with these unique storage bins, baskets, and shelves from Apollo Box! With these fun and stylish furniture pieces, you can avoid clutter while adding beauty to your home. Whether you’re into cute animals, trendy and modern designs, or rustic decor; you’re sure to find one that will fit you and your family’s needs, personality, and aesthetics.

Giraffe-Inspired Storage Basket

Photo: Apollo Box

This giraffe-inspired storage basket is made from high-quality kraft paper, rattan, and iron. It’s an aesthetic piece that you can use to store your favorite books, magazines, or even your kids’ toys.

Trendy Acrylic Book Shelf

Photo: Apollo Box

This acrylic bookshelf is a fun and trendy addition to your indoor space that is sure to spark conversations. Available in green and blue, it features an interesting “X” design made from durable acrylic that’s strong enough to let you use it as a bookshelf.

Wooden Crate Storage Box

Photo: Apollo Box

These wooden crate storage boxes are versatile pieces as you can use them on their own or stack them up to build a shelf. Since they’re durable, you can use them to store blankets and toys. They’re also available in six colors – white, red, sky blue, bronze, brown, and dark brown – and in three sizes – small, medium, and large.

Medical-Themed Boxes

Photo: Apollo Box

These medical-themed boxes will keep your vitamins and daily medications neatly organized and within reach. They have several compartments and come in two sizes to ensure your supplies are always kept in order. Plus, the style is easy to identify and grab in case of an emergency.

Cat-Inspired Storage Box

Photo: Apollo Box

These cat-inspired storage containers will help keep your children’s bedroom and playroom neat and organized! Storing toys, books, and blocks by category will be easy with these stackable storage boxes. They’re available in three colors–yellow, blue, and pink.

Handsome Leather Organizer

Photo: Apollo Box

These handsome leather organizers are sophisticated organization solutions. With their sleek and elegant design, these are must-haves for your home and office. You can choose from seven different colors – dark brown, light brown, dark grey, light grey, pink, blue, and green – whichever suits your style best!

Cute Animal Storage Basket

Photo: Apollo Box

These cute animal storage baskets are available in four styles–elephant, dinosaur, shark, and lion – and in two sizes so you can choose whichever suits your needs best. They’re also great tools to teach your kids the names of animals and how to organize their toys themselves.

Wooden Rocket Shelf

Photo: Apollo Box

This wooden rocket shelf is great for space lovers. It has a neutral finish with a fun rocket-inspired design that you can use as a bookshelf or a display shelf that showcases your creativity.

Cute Duck Storage Shelf

Photo: Apollo Box

This cute duck storage shelf is versatile, durable, and portable. Its bright yellow color will give positive vibes to any room. Plus, you can use it as a side table where you keep your trinkets, books, toys, and essentials. This mobile drawer is available in three variations: two-layer, three-layer, and four-layer.

Cactus Iron Storage Shelf

Photo: Apollo Box

This cactus iron storage shelf is made of a metal iron frame that makes it solid and durable. It’s environmentally friendly and even adapts to temperature changes so you can be sure that the color will stay intact for a long period of time. Depending on your room’s color scheme, you can choose from green, black, gold, white, and pink.