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Stop your doggies from chewing chair frames with this smart bone toy

Your dogs will get busy playing with this interactive bone toy

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We all know how dogs love to play, but hey, we don’t have all the time in the world. There are bills to pay and we still gotta work! So instead of spending all your time playing with them and letting them get used to your 24/7 presence, isn’t it better to introduce them to toys and companions that will definitely entertain them when we’re not available to play? This way, we can train them to give us the personal space we need and stop chewing furniture out of boredom.

Meet Cheerble’s Wickedbone

Nope. This bone is not wicked at all! Cheerble’s Wickedbone is a bone-shaped interactive smart toy designed for your dog’s playtime. It has an interactive feature motivating your dogs to exercise with fun. Using the Wickedbone App, you can connect the toy via Bluetooth and control the bone to move and make noises. The app features multiple modes for you to play with your dogs.

Autoplay Mode

It is programmed to get your pet’s attention and react to their actions. So in this mode, the smart bone can spin, make noises, and move by itself. The Wickedbone is interactive and intelligent, designed with 12 types of emotional-driven systems. It allows responding differently to your pet’s moods and reactions.

Drive Mode

When you want to play with your pet, you can use this mode. You can move the virtual joystick around and engage with your dog. There are nine preset motions on your app to make it more exciting for you and your dog.

Sleep Mode

Sleep mode is essentially just a standby mode that allows you to power down the Wickedbone and keeps it without draining the battery too much.

So even if you are busy doing house chores or working from home, you will never get worried about your dogs not being to play with you or them chewing your furniture just to get your attention. With a smart interactive toy like Cheerble’s Wickedbone, your fur baby’s playtime is elevated.


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