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Enjoy premium muscle relief while listening to your favorite jam in the comfort of your home

This home massager will make you forget about paying a hefty price for luxurious spa services

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Resting is not always about leaving busy thoughts in your office and getting some sleep. Relaxation comes in many forms, like getting a massage, for instance. And if you’re one of many adults consistently searching for stuff like this, it’s best to buy something that suits the kind of rest you want.

Experience a top-tier massage using YitaHome!

What is YitaHome Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

The YitaHome Zero Gravity Massage Chair is a revolutionary fixture packed with all the things you want from a massage parlor. It comes with a 3D roller that helps clear the meridians on your back. It also has an air massage bag that targets your feet, hamstrings, calves, hands, shoulders, and arms. So, it’s like getting a full body massage by only paying at once.

How does it work?

This massage chair features three levels of zero gravity angles, letting you choose which is more comfortable. This aspect helps promote better blood circulation by aligning your heart and knees horizontally. It also comes with two heating parts near the waist to make you feel more comfortable. It’s far different from other massage chairs in that it has advanced features that lessen stress on your body during the massage procedure.

What levels does the Zero Gravity feature have?
These three levels let you incline in angles around 126° to 133°, namely: Initial, Comfort and Deep.

What kind of massage techniques does this have?

  • Punching
  • Shiatsu
  • Tapping
  • Rolling
  • Hitting
  • Thumping

What else can this chair offer?

Good news! You will no longer have to stand from this seat to tap on your speakers because you can now find them in this chair. YitaHome comes with a premium Bluetooth speaker and some LED lights. This two help brew a good atmosphere for you, making your rest time always of high quality.

$1713.59 $2855.99

Buy here!