Stop feeling guilty satisfying your sweet tooth cravings with this plant-based, low-carb ice cream!

Now you can indulge in getting yourself more soops without the guilt

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Ice cream is everybody’s favorite but you might feel guilty after a scoop or two. But not anymore when you indulge in Nick’s Ice Cream!

Nick’s Ice Cream is an excellent alternative to the typical, sugar-filled ice cream in the market. Unlike other ice cream brands, this ice cream is vegan, lactose-free, and low on carbohydrates. Its sweeteners are crafted from plants and selected for the specific flavor of each ice cream.

Nick’s Ice Cream tastes as delicious as the typical ice cream but it’s definitely not heavy on calories and sugar. One pint contains just the same amount of calories you can find in a single scoop of commercial ice cream. It is keto-friendly with no added sugar it comes in a variety of exciting flavors!