It’s Stone Cold day, time to celebrate all about Steve Austin

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It is time to celebrate March 16, ?cause Stone Cold said so!

March 16 may not be an important date, but to some wrestling fans, March 16 has some resemblance to Austin 3:16. And if you are a real wrestling fan, you know that came from The Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin. His popularity helped spark a new era in WWE during the time when they were in a heated rivalry against then WCW.

It is when the now famous ?Attitude Era? started, where your typical wrestling events are now becoming more intense and darker, where you can hear more swearing in every dialogue in every RAW episode and more violent fights in every match, and Stone Cold can swing his middle finger at any time. The Attitude Era was one of the most favorite era by fans in the mid 90?s to mid-2000?s and Stone Cold was the biggest highlight as well.

With his signature Stone Cold Stunner, anyone who blocks his way will get stunned with his finisher, probably one of the most original moves in the wrestling franchise. And after every victorious match, he goes in the corners of the ring and celebrates it with a pair of beers and chugs it all the way. If Hulk Hogan was the icon in the 80?s and John Cena (yes, John Cena) in the 2000?s, Stone Cold Steve Austin was the most favorite wrestler in the 90?s, even non-wrestling fans will recognize him.

So this day is dedicated to the Texas Rattlesnake, now retired. He is now currently doing special appearances in certain RAW episodes. You can check out some of the videos about Steve Austin, including a 20-minute compilation of his Stone Cold Stunner (credits to odor31), as well as his Austin 3:16 promo.


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