Stitchers Season 2 Premiere: New Time Slot, Spoilers For Episode 1

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Stitchers Season 2 Premiere

The sci-fi crime drama Stitchers returns with a new time slot for season 2. The new instalment is slated to premiere on March 22 on Freeform and will air at 10/9c. We will be revealing some spoilers, too, for those itching to know more about the next chapter.

According to The Slanted, the first episode is called ?2.0? where Cameron (Kyle Harris) will be brought back from the dead by Kirsten (Emma Ishta), but she will be experiencing an unexpected side effect later on. Kirsten will no longer have temporal dysplasia and, for the first time, she?ll feel real human emotions which she hasn?t felt since she was a child.

Design & Trend recaps events from the first season wherein Kirsten stitched into the past and found out that Cameron could provide her with information about her childhood and about who she really is.

Kirsten and Cameron had already crossed paths at one point when they were young, but neither of them could remember anything from that time in their lives. Cameron offered to help Kirsten remember a part of her past through her ability to stitch into people?s brains, so he had himself injected.

The stitching process will kill Cameron temporarily, but he just couldn?t handle the impact of the stitch and at one point, couldn?t return from his induced death even when Kirsten was no longer stitched to his memories.

The second season picks up after and, as revealed, Cameron will successfully be brought back to life. Kirsten?s latest stitch will unveil an important memory about her biological father. Meanwhile, Detective Fisher (Damon Dayoub) recovers from his wounds while Camille (Allison Scagliotti) stays by his side to cheer him up, as The Slanted writes.

Stitchers also star Salli Richardson-Whitfield as Maggie Baptiste and Ritesh Rajan as Linus Ahluwalia. The first episode ?2.0? was written by Jeffrey Ala Schechter and directed by Steve Miner.

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