Still Wondering How To Take Great iPhone Photos? Here Are 5 iPhone Camera Tips To Live By

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iPhone camera tips to follow for taking great photos

Aside from being a widely used mobile device, the iPhone has also become one of the world?s most popular cameras thanks to its excellent photo capturing ability and immense collection of photography applications. However, even an exceptional camera and top-notch photo editor apps can?t magically turn bad photos into great ones. As such, we?ve rounded up a short list of iPhone camera tip and tricks so ?iPhotographers? can start to take great photos with their beloved devices.

Tap To Focus is there for a reason

When taking pictures in different events, most people tend to forget using one of the iPhone?s best camera features ? Tap To Focus. A simple iPhone camera tip to live by is to always focus on the subject of your photos. To use this feature, just tap on the part of the screen you want to be emphasized. It doesn?t just focus on the area you tapped; it will also apply added exposure to that portion so the resulting photo will look sharper and better.

Blurry photos? Shaky hands may be the culprit

The iPhone is a thin and light mobile device, so people tend to get shaky while holding it compared to a full-sized camera. One iPhone camera tip to prevent blurry photos due to shaky grips is to keep your elbows on your sides for support while holding the phone with both hands. If this is not applicable, you can also use the headphone cord or the Volume Up button of the iPhone instead of tapping on the on-screen trigger button.

iPhone camera tip - Keep your hands steady

iPhone camera tip – Keep your hands steady

Never use Digital Zoom if you can help it

Unlike most compact and professional cameras, the iPhone is not able to magnify images using optical zoom. Instead, it utilizes digital zoom to enlarge the image of the object or scene it is trying to capture. But by doing so, it is diminishing fine details since the process merely makes the pixels bigger. The solution? Stand up and move closer to the subject physically.

Use HDR over Flash, if possible

Since iOS version 4.1, Apple has included the HDR (High-dynamic range) image feature to its iOS devices. This functions by combining exposure data from three different photos in order to arrive at an image with better lighting. If HDR is enabled and you took a photo, the camera will take three images in very rapid succession. Rather than use flash, try this iPhone camera tip first when faced with tricky lighting conditions.

iPhone camera tip - If possible, use HDR instead of flash when lighting is not optimal

iPhone camera tip – If possible, use HDR instead of flash when lighting is not optimal

Ultimate tip for taking great photos: Keep it simple

?Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,? late Apple CEO Steve Jobs used to say. He clearly had this philosophy in mind when he conceived the first iPhone model. Up to this day, the company still sticks to this principle. It can also apply to mobile photography as great photos tend to come from simple scenes clear of any distractions. One iPhone camera tip to take excellent images is to focus only on a single subject. Doing this will give your photos better clarity and harmony.


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