Stick It To The Man: How Bizarre?

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Stick it to the Man is surely one of those that you will find impressively hilarious if you’re in the mood of having fun and in search for evasive humor.

Most of the players of the game may agree with the idea that the plot is not as challenging, saying that there’s not much content to follow, but there are a lot of other elements in this game one can uniquely experience as they start moving the joysticks.

The main character Ray Doewood is a hardhat tester whose fate changed when something hit him in the head. After waking up, he noticed that there’s a long pink hand extending from the top of his head. Nobody else sees this but him. Later on, Ray uses this long pink had to read people’s minds. The thoughts coming from other people are called the “stickers“.

Each level gives Ray obstacles to navigate and people to help. He’s doing that through putting the right “stickers” into the right places. Through the long pink hand, Ray grabs the right “sticker” that will affect a certain situation. Every Level seems identical in approach – Ray getting into the situation by interacting with other characters, noticing anyone who needs help and solving the problem by working on puzzles or solving another related problem.

Pretty imaginative with its 2D graphic treatment, Stick It to the Man becomes more of a media for ?witty dialogues and energetic presentations. Each game level may already become predictable at some point – that is to talk to people, to read their thoughts, to solve puzzles and to obtain hidden trophies. Once the obstacles are done, there’s not much of a “replay value“. The player can enjoy the moment solving these puzzles, but not really crave into some more action-packed adventure.

This fun-filled game can be completed in 6 hours. Kudos to the entertaining dialogues which became the game’s strength in getting someone overcome one obstacle to another. It comes free to PlayStation Plus subscribers and it’s recommended to any PS4 owner who wants to experience a comically witty video game.?

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