Steven Universe Season 4 Spoilers: Connie and Steven Practicing New Secret Talent

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Steven Universe Season 4 Episode 4 entitled ?Mindful Education? shows how Steven and Connie will work together in honing their skills. But before that, a recap on Steven Universe Season 4, episode 3 entitled ?Buddy Book? showed how Steven discovers a century old book that they found in the Buddwick Public Library.

The book contained the adventures of Buddy Buddwick and how he tried to be the greatest explorer of all time. Now, as Steven and Connie return to reality, the 4th season will be showing how the two gems will work on practicing their newly acquired skills. The episode ?Mindful Education? confirms how Steven and Connie will have no problem using their talents.

The previous episode also feature Steven and Amethyst trying to compete on Connie?s prepared challenges and every time, Steven seems to defeat Amethyst. Amethyst will not welcome the friendly contest and complains every time Steven defeats her. Eventually she admits to Steven that she?s just worried and things are becoming too stressful that?s why she?s grumpy.

Since the premiere of Steven Universe Season 4 started on August 11, the series has gone through three episodes mainly ?Kindergarten Kid,? ?Know Your Fusion,? ?Buddy?s Book.? ?Mindful Education? will air on the 25th of August 2016 and the last episode for Steven Universe Season 4 is entitled ?Future boy Zoltron.?


Meanwhile, Steven Universe is known to touch all sorts of taboo subjects that really influences the audience in a subtle and endearing way. Previously, the LGBT topic on Steven Universe Season 3 drew several reactions, none of which showrunner Rebecca Sugar agreed with or contradicted.

Sugar addressed the hot topic saying now is the time wherein the younger generation needs to be educated on what?s happening in the real world and putting those ideas through anime adaptation brings subtle acceptance of the purpose.

According to the Christian Today, some of the remaining episodes of Steven Universe Season 4 include ?Gem Harvest,? ?Tiger Philanthropist? and ?Last One Out of the Beach City.? Steven Universe Season 4 airs on the Cartoon Network at 7:00pm EST.

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