Steven Universe Season 4: The Onion Rises

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As Onion and Steven?s friendship grows, Onion starts to show more of his human side to his gem friend. In the latest Steven Universe Season 4 trailer, he was seen going to Steven?s house and inviting him to go out. Of course, he doesn?t talk, so Steven has to put words in his mouth. When Steven decided that Onion cannot come inside because he has his shoes on, the latter offered his hand instead, and took Steven out of his house.

As they ran past Onion?s house, Steven became even more confused. They soon arrived in a forest where Steven asked Onion what?s in there. Onion suddenly whistled loud that instantly amazed Steven. Suddenly, someone came out from the bushes, then from the trees and at the back of the big stone.

Steven is instantly alarmed and called for Onion?s help. It turns out, they are his friends and he brought Steven to the forest to meet them. Just when Steven thinks it?s the end of him, he meets new friends again: The Onion Gang.

Apparently, the usually quiet and subtle character is starting to show his human side. His friendship with Steven is growing and he feels confident to introduce him to his friends. Steven Universe Season 4 is expected to feature more of Onion?s character. The previous week showed how patient Steven has been with Onion?s silence and indifference.

Steven Universe Season 4

Steven Universe Season 4 episode recap

Meanwhile, last week?s episode shows how Steven and Pearl continue to enhance their wit by playing puzzles. The synopsis stated ?Pearl offers to go with Steven and Amethyst to a rock show. While the two are initially skeptical of her, she decides to show them her “bad” side throughout the night whilst trying to impress a woman who looks similar to Rose.?

Steven Universe is hailed as one of the best animations that features topics that remain taboo in most cartoon shows these days. It?s a risk they have to take, like that of the LGBT topic. According to creator Rebecca Sugar, this is the time when they need to tell kids that these instances happen in real life.

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