Steven Universe Season 4 Episode 3 Spoilers: What Powers Can Buddy’s Book Bring to Steven?

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It wasn?t the best ending for Steven Universe Season 3 finale, but things were right just where they?re supposed to be. And now, as Steven Universe Season 4 begins its brand new episodes, some things are returning at a more interesting pace than they were before. The first two episodes of season 4 entitled ?Kindergarten Kid? and ?Know Your Fusion? were aired on August 11 & 12.

Now, ?Buddy?s Book? is all set to arrive on the 18th of August as the third entry of the Steven Universe Season 4. In ?Buddy?s Book,? Steven will find himself visiting the library of Connie and discovers a long lost book. What this book contains will be revealed soon, but for now, it?s something that will start a journey for Steven and the Crystal Gems.

Coming from the title itself, ?Buddy?s Book? will contain a mysterious book that spoilers suggest has something to do with how Steven and the Crystal Gems will improve on their power. Or could it be something that will lead the team to a another magical world where challenges and new friends will be discovered?

In the recent Steven Universe Season 3 where Steven bubbled Bismuth, it was enough that he fought a good friend of the Crystal Gems and a person that was highly connected to his mother Rose Quartz. But after discovering that Bismuth?s intentions were not all that good, but rather threatening to Gems everywhere, Steven had no choice but to fight and bubble her, much to his own dismay. We discovered a deeper side to Steven, and with this new season coming in, we wonder what this mysterious book could evoke and what Steven can learn from it. Will he and the Crystal Gems discover a new super power or can the book take them on new adventures, far from what the group has ever imagined? We?ll find out more when Steven Universe Season 4 returns with Episode 3, followed by the two remaining confirmed episodes entitled ?Mindful Education? and ?Future Boy Zoltron?. These two will air on the 25th of August and on the 1st of September respectively. The next episodes on Steven Universe Season 4 with no confirmed air dates yet include ?Gem Harvest,? ?Tiger Philanthropist? and ?Last One Out of the Beach City.?


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