Steven Universe Season 4 Episode 10 Recap: ?Three Gems and a Baby? Tells About The Importance of Family

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As Steven Universe Season 4 continues to go on a hiatus, the recent episode ?Three Gems and a Baby? proved to be one of the series? best episodes. The story of Steven is revealed and it tells the compelling story of how Greg managed to take care of him without Rose Quartz. When Steven was still a baby, the three Gems; Pearl, Amethyst and Garnet kidnapped him.

They did this because they saw Steven glowing just like them and they thought it was Rose Quartz trapped inside a baby. Driving through a snowstorm, the three Gems and Steven got stuck. Greg, Steven?s dad on the other hand did not give up and went after them. In Steven Universe Season 4 episode 10, Greg was able to catch up with them and pleaded that the only way they can take care of Steven is to stick together.

The group decided to do so and that?s how Steven grew to be one of the Gems; his aunts accepting the fact that he is not actually Rose Quartz trapped inside a baby. Fast forward to this day, Steven can be seen looking through the window, amazed at the snow storm outside. Greg told the whole story to Steven while singing the story the way he did when Steven was still a baby.

Steven Universe Season 4

Steven Universe on Hiatus

Currently, Steven Universe Season 4 is on a hiatus with no details on when it will return on air. During the recent New York Comic Con, Rebecca Sugar and the rest of the voice actors did a panel interview at the event; that was the introduction of Steven Universe Season 4 Part 1.

Unfortunately, Sugar and the rest of the team has not announced the next season of Steven Universe.

Steven Universe tells the story of a young boy who is raised by his father and his three Gem aunts. After his mother Rose Quartz died, Steven seem to have inherited her Gem. When his aunts saw him glowing, they immediately knew that Steven is something different and they need to address that.

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