‘Steven Universe’ season 3 updates: Steven, Pearl and Connie Look for the Gem

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It looks like more viewers are getting hooked with “Steven Universe Season 3 which was titled ?Gem Hunt.? Most of its episodes obtain an optimistic outcome of their long break from Cartoon Network. What is more exciting now is to see Steven, Pearl and Connie take on their quest to look for a dysfunctional gem.

Connie did well on his very first mission. This also serves as a good training for her. The Rose Quartz’ sword which was presented to her by Steven could have served as her lucky charm. She obtained it before the mission and took it with her. Steven and Pearl also did well on guiding Connie.

We have learned during the episode titled ?Sworn to the Sword? that Pearl taught Connie the art of sword-fighting. She was the one who trained her on how she should use the sword. One of the reasons why Pearl did so was so that Connie can protect Steven all the time.

Steven took a photo of Connie during the time when they reached the replica of the “wailing stone.” Based on their conversation, it is apparent that Connie had gained significant improvements when it comes to fighting with swords.

Meanwhile, Steven is currently caught between a rival between two giant restaurants that wants to get a hold of his menu. It looks like things are just getting too serious on his part.

This has all started when the owner of Fish Stew Pizza saw Steven eating some fries. What caught his attention is that the fries aren?t ordinary. It has ingredients for making a pizza. The Fish Stew Pizza’s owner was quick to accuse the owner of the Beach Citywalk Fries of infringing his ingredients. He returns to his restaurant and puts on the sign that they also serve fries.

?Steven Universe? has been showing a lot of recent developments. The story is significantly moving forward and we find out more information about the gem.

Fans can continue to watch ‘Steven Universe Season 3’ on the Cartoon Network.

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