Steven Universe Season 3 Update: Steven vs Amethyst!

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The return of Steven Universe Season 3 has brought so many lessons to viewers in terms of appreciation of natural gifts and the ability to save the world. The latest on Steven Universe is the challenge to bring back Amethyst?s confidence after Jasper made some damaging taunts on the Gem.

Amethyst was unappreciative of what Stevonnie (the fusion between Steven and Connie) has achieved in fighting Jasper. She had failed at it. She will now spend most of her time eating jars of mayo and dwindling down time by throwing eggs on the garbage can. Now, Pearl is at her best and offers training to all the Gems. Surprisingly, Amethyst agreed to join when Steven asked her to attend.

The Pearl Points effectively encourages Steven to do good in the training, something that Amethyst clearly noticed. Steven will win ahead of Amethyst, but it was Pearl who noticed how undriven Amethyst was so she gives her an encouraging wink to make her participate more.

As the training progresses with several Pearl holograms that Steven and Amethyst needs to conquer, Amethyst sees Steven?s capacity to win everything. Although she didn?t try to say anything, her face said everything about the competition.


After some gruelling training just to prove who?s better, we find the the two lying down exhausted on the floor. Amethyst then realizing what?s really bothering her – causing her to get in a grumpy mood. The episode ends on a positive note where Amethyst admits to her shortcomings, but the thing about how to resolve her problem remained ?Unresolved.?

Meanwhile, we can finally see Bismuth joined the Crystal Gems after Steven accidentally frees her from the Lion?s mane. Will she bring a positive vibe to the group? Bismuth joined the Crystal Gems in protecting the Earth some 5,000 years ago until she was caught in the Lion?s mane. Now she?s back to see how the Crystal Gems have been and to possibly team up with them again.

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