Steven Universe Season 3 Update: More Spoilers, Leaked Video That Says Steven Will be Back Soon

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Not long after the 6-episode Steven Universe Season 3 had wrapped up, rumors surrounding the beloved American animated cartoon is that it will continue the season with an all new episode entitled ?Too Short to Ride.? Previously, it was mentioned that ?Steven Floats? was the brand new episode; shortly after ?Barn Mates? and ?Hit the Diamond? episodes were aired. Now, it looks like the creator of the anime is contemplating on incremental episodes.

According to GameNGuide, though there wasn?t much information about the leaked and unofficial trailer, it has something to do with Peridot and Steven acting silly with each other. Now, if the series of Steven Universe Season 3 unofficial videos are an indication of more of Steven?s floating capacity, the next episode will be very interesting.

Steven Universe Season 3 entitled ?In too Deep? has already aired at least five episodes, mainly ?Super Watermelon Island,? ?Gem Drill,? ?Same Old World,? ?Barn Mates? and ?Hit the Diamond.? To continue the season, it?s worth noting that ?Too Short to Ride? will be coming soon and who knows, there might be another episode that concludes all the episodes of Steven Universe Season 3?

In the recent Steven Universe episode, the question about Russia came up after it was noticeably missing when Homeworld showed the world map. Fans were quick to conclude that there must be something more to the situation than a mere disappearance. It turned out, the possibility of Russia being stolen by the Homeworld Gems seemed to be true.

In previous Steven Universe Season 3 episodes, the Crystal Gems were in a ride on their usual adventures, but it?s also the different way the show was handled that made it even more popular to viewers. Steven Universe creator, Rebecca Sugar recently explained the importance of including the LGBT episode in the show. Also, the musical episode on Steven Universe made news online. What else is there to watch for? More Steven Universe Season 3 spoilers because we never know when the next Steven adventure will arrive.

Have you been watched all Steven Universe Season 3 episodes so far? What do you think of the latest leaked and unofficial trailer of the anime?

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