Steven Universe Season 3 Update: New Episode To Feature Steven-Peridot Fusion?

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If Cartoon Network Canada?s homepage is any indication, and if their header is a trustworthy source of information, then Steven Universe Season 3 has indeed come out from a short hiatus and is returning to your screens this July 18, 2016.

Since the season entitled ?In Too Deep? started, at least five episodes have been released on the TV network, mainly ?Super Watermelon Island,? ?Gem Drill,? ?Same Old World,? ?Barn Mates? and ?Hit the Diamonds.?

Now, it looks like the continuity of Steven Universe Season 3, ?Summer of Steven?, will start with ?Steven Floats?. Steven will discover that he has indeed some sort of magical floating power. When he suddenly realizes that he can get stuck mid-air, that?s also when a series of misadventures occur on the ground. Steven Floats will air in the U.S on July 18, while the next episode, ?Too Short To Ride?, will air on July 19.

Meanwhile, according to the Parent Herald, a rather curious episode entitled ?Smoky Quartz? will be added to the Steven Universe Season 3 Episode line up. ?Smoky Quartz? is rumored to be the character made from Peridot and Steven?s fusion. Cartoon Network has not confirmed the episode nor any details about the possible fusion of Steven and Peridot. The fusion is expected. In fact, when showrunner Rebecca Sugar hinted on a new character on Steven Universe Season 3, fans concluded that it just might be the fusion between the two.

In an interview with Sugar on Entertainment Weekly, she said ?I don?t want to give any spoilers, but there will be a lot more about Gem history and Gems in the present and how they feel about what?s going on, on earth? In real life there are things that you just learn. I think the balance for me is trying to make sure that there?s this harsh element to adulthood that we start to experience when we?re becoming adults.?

Steven will run on the Cartoon Network from July to August. Also, do not miss the latest Steven Universe Season Season 3 spoilers by staying updated here on

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