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Steven Universe Season 3 ‘Summer Of Steven’ Due Soon?

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Steven Universe Season 3 episode 7
Steven Universe Season 3 episode 7

Reports are piling up that Steven Universe Season 3 is coming to us soon. Currently, the show is off the air and that leaves fans wanting. In a report by GameNGuide, the show was first believed to air this June. But as fate would have it, the airing is delayed and now, Steven Universe is expected to be back in July.

Cartoon Network has not made any official announcements yet but the next installment is believed by many to take place next month. Why? Well, there are a couple of video clips that are allegedly making rounds in the Steven Universe fandom.

The video shows a slow motion clip of Peridot embracing a green alien. The description in the video said that it came from the Cartoon Network mobile app. Chances are, this is an official teaser. This also gets fans to speculate a new romance between Peridot and the green alien.

Another video shows Peridot making funny gestures with a tablet. This 15-second clip too is allegedly from the Cartoon Network mobile app. This gives fans one more reason to get excited for the third installment. Steven Universe Season 3 is expected to revolve around Steven?s activities during Summer.

There are also speculations that there will be a new fusion happening. According to Movie News Guide, a concept of a new fusion called Smoky Quartz is circulating around. It is brownish with a bit of dark green. This points to a fusion between Steven and Peridot because their combination is likely to produce a smoky quartz.

There is also an alleged leak of Steven Universe Season 3 episodes. You can see them below in a tweet.

This though has gotten so much flak and could possibly be a fake. All we can do now is hope for Steven Universe Season 3 to air sooner than later–hopefully in July and not in August.

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