?Steven Universe? Season 3 Spoilers: What?s Coming as a Release Date Nears?

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Steven Universe Season 3 Spoilers
Steven Universe Season 3 Spoilers

News sites have been raving about Steven Universe season 3 spoilers, but fans know it better. Fans have been eagerly waiting for Steven Universe season 3 to air. It has been such a long wait since the finale of season 2 aired on January 8, 2016.

There are spoilers everywhere as the hiatus of Steven Universe ends on Monday July 18. This release date has fans rejoicing the comeback of the show and cannot wait until the day comes sooner. Many sites like Reddit have fans discussing the possible things that could happen in the new season of Steven Universe. However, in an exclusive interview, Rebecca Sugar, maker of Steven Universe, reveals that there will be more background about the Gems.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Sugar says, ?I don?t want to give any spoilers, but there will be a lot more about Gem history and Gems in the present and how they feel about what?s going on, on earth.? Furthermore, Sugar says that Steven is telling the story of her little brother. This means that Steven will start to grow up.

Sugar also hints about the painful truth that Steven will be faced with in the new season. She says, ?Well, we started getting Steven up to speed. Everything is from Steven?s point of view, so at this point he knows a lot more than they really wanted him to know with what?s been happening. There?s a lot that they?ve been trying to cover up, that they?re not particularly proud of, that he?s aware of because other Gems have shown up.?

Steven Universe is an animated TV series that airs on Cartoon Network. It is about a boy, Steven Universe, who lives in a fictional town called Beach City with three magical humanoid aliens, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl. Steven is a half-Gem and half-human boy who goes on crazy adventures with his friends to help the Gems protect the world with the magical powers that come from his bellybutton.

Steven Universe season 3 release date has been pegged for Monday, July 18, 2016, according to Cartoon Network.

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