Steven Universe Season 3 Spoilers: Steven is Not Fond of His Newfound Superpowers

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It?s almost time for the extended Steven Universe Season 3 airdate and Steven is still reeling from his ?newfound superpowers. On July 18, Steven Universe Season 3 will extend its airing on the Cartoon Network with fresh new episodes starting with ?Steven Floats.? In the episode, Steven will discover that he has floatation powers and could stay mid-air for a period of time.

Unfortunately for our cute, chubby, curly star, he also discovers that getting back to the ground is not as easy as it sounds. Apparently he loses control whenever he?s mid-air, causing him some serious trouble when trying to stop floating and return to the ground.

Currently, there are no details on how Steven will be able to use his powers while joining the Crystal Gems, but it?s a start. Meanwhile, Steven Universe Season 3 will also feature an all new musical episode entitled ?Mr. Greg.? In the episode, Steven?s dad suddenly becomes rich and the first thing he does is to bring Pearl and his son Steven to a place where they can experience the ?Empire Life.?

The all new musical episode has been announced by showrunner Rebecca Sugar in her previous interviews saying, the variations in the Steven Universe Season 3 episodes make it appealing to fans. Series writer Mark Burnett also took to Twitter the announcement of the extended season saying ?The promos are out there – Steven Universe is airing new episodes almost every weeknight for over a month – all of Season 3 is coming!?


Meanwhile, in late August, viewers will be able to see Bismuth arriving on the scene. Bismuth is said to have worked with the Crystal Gems 5,000 years ago. While that may seem too long ago, Bismuth is excited to see what became of the Crystal Gems and their reunion on Steven Universe Season 3 is something to look forward to. According to Entertainment Weekly, Uzo Aduba (Orange is the New Black) will voice Bismuth.

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