Steven Universe Season 3 Spoilers: Steven Floats and an All New Musical Episode Arrives

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So, this is it! The extended Steven Universe Season 3 is finally here and what could be more exciting than witnessing what has been teased for quite some time now. The all new extended season entitled ?Summer of Steven? will feature episodes entitled ?Steven Floats,? ?Mr. Greg? and ?Drop Beat Dad.? Steven Floats just aired this Monday, July 18 on Cartoon Network.

Interestingly, some new story concepts will arrive with the episodes of Steven Universe Season 3. On ?Steven Floats,? our chubby little star will accidentally discover that he has some sort of superpower. While Steven was jumping for joy, he suddenly floats up into the air, but finds it hard to return to the ground.

It was a mysterious and surprising talent and even Steven doesn?t know where it came from. Now, our half human, half crystal gem star will be able to fight alongside the other Gems using his floatation powers. Unfortunately, no details were revealed on where Steven will use his power.

Also on Steven Universe season 3, episodes entitled ?Mr. Greg? and ?Drop Beat Dad? will feature all new musical episodes, something that showrunner Rebecca Sugar revealed before. And now, with the addition of Bismuth in the list of characters joining Steven Universe, the show is expected to expand in ways viewers can?t imagine.

Meanwhile, the mysterious way that Greg Universe acquired his money has now been revealed. Apparently, a burger ad that uses his song awarded him with $10,000 that he also used to treat his son Steven and Pearl to the Empire life. What makes the song so special is that, it is the same song that Greg dedicated to Rose when she was still alive.

Also, Bismuth?s arrival is unknown whether she will be staying for good or appear on this one episode of Steven Universe Season 3, but on the promo clip showing the purple colored character, she?s seen discovering what happened to the rest of the Crystal gems after they fought to save the Earth some 5,000 years ago.

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