Steven Universe Season 3: Spoilers, Recap Of Episode 12, 13, Where To Watch Replays

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The last two episodes of Steven Universe season 3 have featured a theme of pizza family titled ?Restaurant Wars? and ?Kiki?s Pizza Delivery Service.? As fans try to compare both installments to each other, let us discuss what happened in those episodes and where to watch its replays.

Episode 12 – ?Restaurant Wars?

The episode took the viewers to an ancient rivalry between Fryman of Beach Citywalk Fries and Kofi of Fish Stew Pizza, who used to have a ?restaurant war.? Steven then knew about the issue and immediately called Ronaldo, Jenny, Peedee, and Kiki to discuss how to end the war.

Later in the installment, Steven decided to put up his own restaurant with romantic dinner tables at the Temple, where Garnet is maitre?d, Pearl is the waitress, and Amethyst is the chef. The crew served Fryman some fries with ketchup on the inside, while for Kofi, they gave her a pizza bagel with cream cheese.

Fryman and Kofi were so overwhelmed and asked Steven to close the restaurant because they can not compete with him. Steven agreed, but in return, the two of them will have to stop the restaurant war. Fryman and Kofi then hugged each other as the episode ends.

Episode 13 ?Kiki?s Pizza Delivery Service?

This episode of Steven Universe season 3 is basically about Kiki having her dreams and Steven intervening. The latter repeatedly projected himself into the former?s dreams and saw her going up against a pizza monster. That particular dream always keeps waking her up, which made Steven worried.

Steven initially thought that he was doing the wrong thing by entering Kiki?s dream. However, it is the other way around because it appeared that Kiki actually needs his help as the character turns out to be exhausted with all the pizza deliveries on foot. Steven then told Kiki that she can not help everyone every time.

Kiki understands the point but she just can not apply the logic to her twin Jenny, who keeps on asking her to cover for her so she could go to concerts. At the end of the episode, Jenny knew about the issue and was cool about it so she gave her twin a day off to go enjoy the day.

Both episodes of the cartoon series were great and as usual, writers have injected an amazing lesson on the story. Now, for those who were not able to watch those episodes, you can stream it on KissCartoon.me and WatchOnlineCartoons.

There you have it! The latest episodes of Steven Universe Season 3. Stay tuned here on The Bitbag for more update on the cartoon series. Share your thoughts in the comment section below. The show airs everyday on Cartoon Network at 7 p.m. Eastern Time.

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