Steven Universe Season 3 Spoilers: Peridot Has a New Romance?

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Steven Universe Season 3 just aired its penultimate episode, ?In Too Deep?, and while it was good while it lasted, it was also a bit disconcerting that fans were left hanging, waiting for the next episode that will finally wrap up the season. Reports are saying that a new episode has been leaked and is said to be the continuation of Steven Universe Season 3, ?Summer of Steven?. It is absolutely creating hype. Viewers have only seen its leaked video and some spoilers without actually knowing the exact date of its release.

Apart from what has been largely discussed about ?Summer of Steven?, there?s another interesting topic that may somehow catch the attention of those who are patiently waiting for the next episodes of Steven Universe Season 3. Peridot?s lovelife, is it a myth or an actual occurrence on the upcoming Steven universe Season 3? According to the Parent Herald, some hints on Peridot?s apparent relationship in Steven Universe Season 3 has something to do with the leaked video from ?Too Short to Ride? wherein she was featured hugging an ?Alien?, a notion that somehow she will be paired with another Gem in the next episodes of Steven Universe.

As much as we want to deliver promising news about more episodes coming of Steven Universe Season 3, ?Too Short to Ride? remains to be the latest update from the show. And while it gives a subtle idea on what to expect from the animated show, no concrete details have been given. As for the release date of ?Too Short to Ride,? it was first slated to arrive this June, but looking through the schedules and with the month of June having few days left to air the episode, it?s fair to conclude that such episode will arrive in July.

Steven Universe Season 3 has been one of the most anticipated animated shows this year and with new episodes arriving at an incremental pace, fans are apprehensive as to how long they have to wait in order to see the next episode. Are you also hoping to see the next episode of Steven Universe Season 3? Don?t miss the updates by reading

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