Steven Universe Season 3 Spoilers: What Ever Happened to Russia?

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In Steven Universe Season 3, the Earth is apparently an interesting place with definite and clear missing elements. According to Movie Pilot, in the episode ?It Could Have Been Great,? it shows the viewers just what the Earth looks like and nothing seems to be in its proportionate origin. First, the Australian continent is largely decreased in size, and you also wonder what ever happened to Russia and the big hole that occupies its place?

Interestingly and as funny as it may seem, a fan spotted something that inevitably reveals what actually happened to Russia. Homeworld actually stole Russia! A fan posted an image that shows the Homeworld ship?s buttons written in Russian. While it?s not clear how it happened or whether or not the idea is real, what are the chances that Russia is sitting comfortably in the Homeworld?

Steven Universe Season 3 spoilers suggest that it?s possible that Homeworld stole Russia just because they have the most advanced technology than Earth. The question is, did Homeworld Gems want something specific from Russia? Or, it?s just a main blockage that Homeworld wanted to get rid off in order to build their state of the art facilities?

There is also the idea that it could be the Lunar Seas Spire that appeared on Steven Universe Season 1 Episode 1 and never got the chance to get more exposure. Steven Universe Season 3 has been all sorts of interesting and attention grabbing episodes that viewers can?t seem to let go or else, they?ll get lost in track.

In the ?It Could Have Been Great? episode, it shows how the Earth plays an important role in the Homeworld Gems. It appears as though they?re not only using it as a place to propagate, but also as the perfect location to establish their resources. Source also suggests that the Russian characters shown in the episode might be more than just the idea of the gems stealing Russia; it could be something deeper that viewers may only discover as the episodes progress.

Have you heard about the Homeworld stealing Russia in some of the Steven Universe Season 3 spoilers lately? What do you think happened to Russia in the ?It Could Have Been Great? episode? Don?t miss the fun in the Steven Universe Season 3 discovery by reading

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