Steven Universe Season 3 Spoilers: Episode 22 Reveals Jasper?s Real Identity? Plus A Closer Look At The Beta Kingdom

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With less than a day before its air date, Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 22 is already being discussed around the internet by fans. The spoilers suggest that the installment is going to be revealing as it will tackle the real identity of Jasper and a quick look into the history of the Beta Kingdom.

The upcoming episode of the cartoon series is going to be titled ?Beta: Part 1.? According to some fans, Jasper, as well as his origin, is somehow going to be the center of the episode. Speaking of, the installment is bound to disclose the fact that Jasper is actually a ?perfect? creation made in the Beta Kingdom on Earth.

If that would be the case, then the character?s backstory is going to be the total opposite of Amethyst?s. It can be recalled that the latter is a ?defect? product of the Prime Kindergarten. Now, as predicted, Jasper is the ?perfect? one, which would lead Amethyst thinking a lot of the former, which is why Steven will try to help.

A clip of Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 22 has already been uploaded in YouTube and it features Steven and Amethyst. The two are walking as Steven points out that the latter has been preoccupied by Jasper and asks her to take a break, which led them to visiting the Beta Kindergarten with Lapis.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sak4K1bajvY]

Things would then go wrong as they see strange marking in the area. Steven, Lapis, and Amethyst will discover corrupted Gems being held in cages before Jasper enters out from the smoke. The three will suspect Jasper as the Gem who is behind the whole thing, and Amethyst will take her whip out and will get ready to take him down.

With these scenes being teased to the fans, it seems like the upcoming episode will feature a duel between the ?defect? and the ?perfect? one. But, there are also speculations that Jasper is there to save the other Gems as well. If that would be true, then Lapis, Steven, Amethyst, and Jasper will go hand-in-hand to free all the captured Gems and look for the one responsible for everything.

How about you? Do you think Jasper is really the one who kept the Gems in cages? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 22 is going to air Monday, August 8, on Cartoon Network at 7 p.m. Eastern Time.

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