‘Steven Universe’ season 3 spoilers: More Complicated and Sad Events As Finale Goes Near

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Cartoon Network?s Steven Universe season 3 heads closer to its end and it gets to be more heartbreaking. Kids can see a few more episodes and can expect more complicated events.

In one of the most recent episodes titled Bismuth, Steven discovered the former inside his majestic Lion’s mane. When Bismuth was released, other Gems like Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst gave her a warm welcome. They even had a pizza party which was a great chance for all of them to get along and know Bismuth better. They invited her into their house. The Gems even allowed her to sleep with them.

Bismuth also had a conversation with Steven. The latter asked him about his mother?. Steven was curious about how her mother was and how she performed her role as a leader. But it looked like their talk did not go so smooth.

Bismuth talked about the Gem War. She expressed her strong desire to bring it back. She showed a weapon that could easily defeat Gem warriors.

Naturally, Steven was not okay with the idea of Bismuth. Steven?s disapproval made her mad. Now she was able to come up with a new goal. She wanted to destroy Steven.

Steven has weapons that are only intended for defence. On the other hand, Bismuth owns equipment that is designed for combat and is expected to perform at the finest level. Steven just kept on avoiding her attacks.

However, it eventually came to a point where he had to pull out the sword of her mother?. It caused a swift end to Bismuth’s rage.

Most avid viewers, particularly kids, would agree that the Bismuth episode is one of the saddest events in the Steven Universe series.

The “Beta” episode, on the other hand, has seen Peridot take Amethyst and Steven to Jasper’s old beat-up school. It was located in the desert. The Earthlings came next after Beta. In this episode, they battled it out against Jasper and her beast.

Meanwhile, Steven and Amethyst merged themselves into Smoky Quartz. Most recently, kids have seen the “Back to the Moon” and “Bubbled” episodes, which were also interesting.

Whose asking about whose mother?

Bismuth’s mother or Steve’s mother?

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