Steven Universe Season 3 Review: 100th Episode Reveals Steven?s True Character

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Finally, the Steven Universe 100th episode has aired and it?s nothing like you have seen on the past Steven Universe Season 3 episodes. The 100th episode felt like all the lighthearted moments of Steven Universe all happening at the same time — not even including the time when everyone seemed to be eating Steven?s favorite: pizza.

In Steven Universe Season 3, we see its 100th episode entitled ?Bismuth?, where Steven and the Crystal Gems finally reunite with Bismuth, the Crystal Gem that they?ve worked with a thousand years ago. Her appearance wasn?t planned. In fact, she was accidentally freed by Steven when he was looking through his mother?s (Rose Quartz) belongings.

The rest of the Crystal Gems, mainly Pearl and Garnet, couldn?t be happier. Some 10,000 years ago, they worked with Bismuth in trying to protect the Earth from the Diamonds. Now, it looks like Bismuth is more than ready to fight against the Diamonds all over again. Fast forward after everyone was surprised and happy to see Bismuth, she and Steven had the moment to talk and found the opportunity to show Steven her special weapon.

In this heartwarming 100th episode, our little chubby star discovers how kindhearted Bismuth is, but her powerful weapon contradicts everything he and the Crystal Gems have fought for. Apparently, Bismuth?s weapon of destruction is so powerful that it can destroy Steven and the rest of the Crystal Gems for good. As Bismuth leads Steven to where the weapon is, she said ??I was working on a weapon that would have been a game changer. Homeworld knows where to hit us where it counts. But we can do anything they can do and better. Here it is! The weapon that would have won the war!? Bismuth calls the weapon a ?Breaking Point.?

But when Steven asks Bismuth what the weapon exactly does, she revealed that it can shatter any gem in the Universe. This is where Steven has second thoughts as he is reminded of the fact that his aunts are Gems and so is he. This is the point where he refuses Bismuth?s creation because he knows that it?s coming from a dark place that arose in Bismuth during the war. And it?s truly heartbreaking when Steven had to do the unthinkable and poof Bismuth. It?s just something he has to do and when he promises to her that he?ll tell the Crystal Gems about why he bubbled her, it shows his true character.
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