Steven Universe Season 3 Release & Spoilers: No Hope For June Airing?

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Steven Universe Episode 90 Spoilers
Steven Universe Episode 90 Spoilers

Will there be a Steven Universe season 3 release of the next episode in June? Fans have been asking this question for a while now and it looks like possible details may have already been revealed.

Episode 7 trailer revealed?

According to GameNGuide, a clip from the next episode of Steven Universe may have been revealed. The 14-second clip titled ?Too Short Too Ride? was revealed in YouTube. GameNGuide mentioned that the clip ?showed Steven and Peridot acting silly towards each other.?

Here?s a look at the short clip:

Steven Universe Season 3 Release: Summer of Steven

Vine Report shared that Cartoon Network recently announced ?Summer of Steven,? an upcoming special event from June to August 2016. It will supposedly be set around the time after the ?In Too Deep? event. This could mean Cartoon Network could be holding the next episode for Steven Universe season 3 since they will be dedicating their time to finish the ?Summer of Steven.?

Steven Universe has been known to take breaks between episodes so fans should not worry about the next episode of Steven Universe season 3 release to be late.

Steven Universe best cartoon ever?

Series creator Rebecca Sugar previously shared to Los Angeles Times about the cartoon?s relationship with the viewers and connection with real emotions. ?We had always planned on having the world kind of open up in front of Steven because the entire show was supposed to be metaphorical to moving from childhood into adulthood and suddenly understanding what?s going on around you,? Sugar said in a statement. ?Just how much do you say to a child? It was interesting to write it and make that part of the show but also be how we felt about our audience.

Cartoon Network is still yet to announce details for the next episode so be sure to check us out daily as we give updates on the Steven Universe season 3 release of the next episode.

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