Steven Universe Season 3 Release, Spoilers: Twitter Reactions Hint Of Possible Plot?

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Steven Universe Season 3 Spoilers
Steven Universe Season 3 Spoilers

Many ?Steven Universe? Season 3 fans have made a ruckus around the web. They post their reactions about the upcoming episode of Season 3 that will be airing on July 18, Monday. With many people wondering what the new episodes of the season will bring, there have been an influx of photos and fan-art circulating Steven Universe.

According to our previous article, ?Steven Universe? Season 3 might include a new chapter of Steven growing up and learning about life. Rebecca Sugar, the creator of the show, says this in an?interview, ?I don?t want to give any spoilers, but there will be a lot more about Gem history and Gems in the present and how they feel about what?s going on, on earth.?

1. ?This reaction? It was just a mind-blowing discovery that might tell fans what might happen.

2. ?This fan is just as excited as any other!

3. ?Some fans like to give credit by creating fan art.

4. ?This one isn?t at all obvious that they like Peridot.

ParkBomb will always be my #1 ship #stevenuniverse #gravityfalls #SU #GF

A photo posted by Multifandomed (@peridotic.table) on

5. ?Sneak peeks anyone?

6. ?This guy named Craig is now a fan.

7. ?The Summer of Steven schedule?

8. ?Shockingly enough, people did ignore his post.

Like for Connie ?? ? ? ? Tags: #stevenuniverse #connie

A photo posted by ?sonic? (@ocean.quartz) on

9. ?Last, but not the least, the fans who are really excited about the release.

?Steven Universe? Season 3 will air Mondays to Fridays starting July 18 at 7 p.m. on Cartoon Network.

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