?Steven Universe Season 3′ Recap: A Restaurant Feud That Had Steven Caught in the Middle

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It?s fun, it?s witty and it?s all laid back until Steven decides to order something off the menu and started it all. In “Steven Universe Season 3,”?Steven went to Beach City Fries to order something. When Steven inquired on what he can order, PeeDee told him that he can actually order ?fries?. But when our cute, chubby and curly star ordered something that is off the menu, the restaurant served Steven something that even PeeDee didn?t know they have: fries that have all the ingredients of a pizza. Walking through the boardwalk, Steven passed by Kofi?s Fish Stew Pizza restaurant wherein, the latter saw what Steven was eating.

Upon further ?investigation?, Kofi realizes it has all the ingredients of a pizza and decides Beach City Fries has been copying his ingredients. Kofi then returns to his restaurant and puts on the sign ?Now Serving Fries.? Well, isn?t that a direct call for argument by Kofi against Frieman, the owner of the Beach City Fries?

Now officially declaring their restaurant war, “Steven Universe Season 3?suggests Steven will be caught in the middle. After all, he?s the root of all the revelations when he tried to order something that is off the menu. But one has to ask, is there a secret behind the ?special fries?? When Steven ordered something that is off the menu, PeeDee searched high and low to give Steven what he wanted. Now, even PeeDee was surprised that he found the special menu way at the back of the fridge.


Is Frieman trying to hide something? Is he actually trying to copy Kofi?s pizza ingredient in the form of fries? Kofi, on the other hand, said he?s been ready for this day. Did he also mean he?s ready to reveal his own version of fries, just like that from Beach City Fries? The episodes on “Steven Universe Season 3”?is beginning to get as exciting as Steven?s life at the beach. If he can ask the restaurant for something that is off the menu, he can definitely stir some restaurant wars by unconsciously revealing their own secrets. Are you excited to see more “Steven Universe Season 3”?spoilers? Don?t miss all of its exciting episodes by reading on TheBitbag.

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