Steven Universe Season 3: Highlights So Far and Why It?s Considered the Best Season Yet

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There was a sigh of relief from fans when Cartoon Network announced that they have ordered Steven Universe Season 3 after its long absence since the end of the last season. Nevertheless, some fans were quite apprehensive on what to expect of the new season. Despite that, and looking through the latest season of the show, it?s quite easy to conclude that it has been a success.

In an i09 report, they mentioned the secret of Steven Universe Season 3?s success, and if you?ve been watching the animated show, you just might agree with it. First, there are the carefully created storylines in the Steven Universe episodes. While fans can expect a funny and entertaining side, each episode also delivers a much deeper meaning that highly relates to real life stories.

Rebecca Sugar recently expressed her thoughts about the LGBT theme of one of the episodes of Steven Universe Season 3. While she did not directly defend the rights of the LGBT community and its role in the animated show, she mentioned instead the importance of letting the children know that something like this exists and that it?s a great example on how to educate them with the scenario.

An episode also tackled how Peridot, the Crystal Gems? usual enemy, became an ally and ended up teaming up with Steven in order to spread goodness on earth. Steven also took it upon himself to help Peridot and Lapis Lazuli to be kind to one another. The deeper meaning of the Steven Universe episodes has made the show even more interesting. And while it touched so many hearts, especially of the adult audiences, the show never really shied away from their funny side and goofiness.

Will you be interested in knowing how Ruby and Sapphire will end up? Their cute fusion could be a blast, but it?s also their flirty jabs while playing baseball that actually made viewers all giddy.

Steven Universe Season 3 will also present a full musical episode that might feature some interesting fusions in the show.

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