Steven Universe Season 3 Finale Recap: Eyeball Never Forgives Steven

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Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 25 titled “Bubbled? shows Steven floating in space. He was inside a bubble as he does. Ruby glided towards his bubble. It looks like her rants about their situation will never, ever come to an end. Ruby is also known as Eyeball as this is what Steven prefers to call her.

She keeps on putting the blame on Steven. She blames him for the fact that they had to be trapped in space. She wanted to go home very badly.

Steven was remorseful for sending her into the space. However, Eyeball could not forgive him so easily. It looks like she is also not interested about their friendship anymore. She even went back to Earth in the first place.

During the past episodes, she was with other Ruby troops. They were able to get into Earth with the help of Yellow Diamond. The reason why they were sent to Earth was so they could look for Jasper. Jasper is one of main characters in the show. Yellow Diamond, on the other hand, is a member of the Great Diamond Authority, a council that oversees the Gem race.

Eyeball admitted to Steven that she is finding it difficult to believe that the Crystal Gems still exists. In addition, she also does not think that Rose Quartz is still alive somewhere.

In response, Steven revealed that Rose turned into him. Eyeball still did not believe that could be true. Steven even decided to show her his gem and shield. But still, Eyeball chooses not to believe anything that Steven says.

When the bubble came across an asteroid belt, Steven saved Eyeball. Steven did so by pulling her inside the bubble. When she realizes that Steven just saved her life, Eyeball started to believe him. However, she still wanted to kill him. Steven extracted his bubble just in time to expel Rose out of it.

Also, it was revealed that Rose had to end Pink’s life.

Steven found out from the last episode of Steven Universe Season 3 that what he knew about his mother was not the entire thing. “Bubbled” was aired last Friday, Aug. 12.

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