Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 8 Spoilers: Steven Finds More Info On His Mom [WATCH]

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Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 8 Spoilers

Steven Universe season 3 episode 8 is titled Connie?s Dad Meets Stevonnie. In the promo of episode eight or episode 86 of Steven Universe, Stevonnie appears again. In the tearjerking preview, Steven will find more information about his mother.

Possible spoilers! Warning!

Rose narrates the promo video coupled with music that triggers the tear works. The emotional music playing in the background is put together with some action-packed scenes. Amethyst is seen fighting with Pearl while Pearl tries to save Steven. In another scene, Connie tries to save Steven in another fight, she tells Steven that she?s doing it for him. Amethyst cries and says, ?I never meant for it to be this way, I didn?t ask to be made.?

It seems that evil is still looming and some hearts will be broken. There may be some deaths in this season as the Gems fuse together to fight off some evil-doers. Steven?s mother is heard singing as well. Pearl and Ruby will also fuse together. In the background, a voice says, ?Steven is not just a Gem.

There has never been anyone or anything like Steven. We don?t know what he is.? As someone is saying this, Steven and Connie are seen dancing and fuse together. Steven?s mom with big pink curls says, ?Steven, we both can?t exist.? Steven asks Pearl what his mom was like as he has never met her. Pearl replies, ?She was courageous and brave, brilliant and beautiful. Rose made me feel that I was everything. Sometimes I wonder if she can see me through your eyes. What would she think of me now?? Steven is shown hugging Pearl saying that she?s great.

The end of the promo video is Rose, Steven?s Gem mother, saying, ?I?m going to become half of you. And I need you to know that every moment you love being yourself. That?s me, loving you. And loving being you because you?re going to be something extraordinary. You?re going to be a human being. Take care of them Steven.?

You can watch the three-minute promo video here!

Promo Video


Stay tuned for Steven Universe as it will be showing in less than 15 hours!

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