Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: What Happened & Where to Watch Online

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Steven Universe Season 3 episode 7
Steven Universe Season 3 episode 7

?Steven Universe? Season 3 Episode 7 could not have approached fans as fast as they wanted. Now that Episode 7 has been released, many fans were greeted with happiness about the new episodes that have been released. ?Steven Universe? episode 85 was titled ?Drop Beat Dad.?

Spoiler Alert!

The ?Drop Beat Dad? episode starts with Steven and Sour Cream hauling out equipment to set up for Sour Cream?s annual rave. Yellow Tail, Sour Cream?s step dad, tells Sour Cream to be home at a certain time, but Sour Cream refuses.

The two go on and stopped by Steven?s dad?s car wash for Sour Cream to use the toilet when Sour Cream?s real dad, Marty, pulls in on the street of the car wash. Steven meets his dad?s old manager, and Sour Cream meets his old man. Before Sour Cream sees his dad, Marty was about to hand Steven?s dad an envelope. However, he wasn?t able to give it since he got distracted by Sour Cream?s presence.

Sour Cream?s dad stages his whole rave event with revamped equipment and a billboard. He creates a whole event, which makes Steven happy for Sour Cream. Steven even gets a backstage pass carrying all the equipment for them. When the event finally starts, Marty takes center stage and introduces a new soda called Guacola. The crowd was wondering what Guacola was, and Marty started throwing them out to the crowd. Marty explains that it?s made with avocado. It didn?t go well with the crowd. They said it didn?t taste good and doesn?t even go well with chips.

The whole city is a mess, and Steven runs to his dad. Steven?s dad asks if the guacamole soda was part of Sour Cream?s show. Yellow Tail hears this and runs off to his boat. Sour Cream goes to Marty and says that he?s ruining his show. Marty says that it isn?t Sour Cream?s show and for him to not be selfish. Sour Cream tells Marty off by saying that he doesn?t need Marty to do what he wants to do. Marty gets off stage and gives Steven?s dad the envelope from earlier, saying he is legally obligated to give it to him.

Yellow Tail comes in after the whole Marty fiasco and gives Sour Cream the music equipment. Sour Cream finally calls Yellow Tail his dad. He asks Steven to help him set up for the rave. Steven?s dad tells him that Sour Cream is better off happy with what he?s doing, and it?s not about the money. He opens the envelope that Marty gave him and sees a check to him for 10 million dollars.

Steven and his dad are now rich! What do you think will happen next episode?

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