Steven Universe Season 2 Spoilers: Lapis Lazuli Saves the Day Against Yellow Diamond

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Steven Universe Season 2

After taking a break from a stint on Cartoon Network, Steven Universe Season 2 is being groomed for a comeback, though no specific date has yet been announced. Nevertheless, that didn?t stop avid fans from spreading spoilers of the said anime cartoon. According to the Movie News Guide, Steven Universe Season 2 may eventually bring in Yellow Diamond, the newest antagonist against the Crystal Gems group.

Additionally, the group needs another member to strengthen its foundation, thus, Lapis Lazuli is expected to join the group as a new character. The emergence of Yellow Diamond will post a new threat on Peridot and Steven, but some few setbacks may depict that she?s not that harmful as expected.

Yellow Diamond is not a fan of anything that has something to do on Earth, subsequently hating all ?organic life forms.? The Cluster, in the absence of Peridot and Jasper remains vulnerable to their opponent. Steven on the other hand, along with the Crystal Gems, will take advantage of the situation and force Yellow Diamond to make contact on Earth.

The role of Yellow Diamond as the newest antagonist on Steven Universe Season 2 as mentioned, will not be easy for Steven and Peridot. Upon arriving on Earth, she will seek revenge on what Crystal Gems and Steven did to the Cluster.

The budding friendship among the members of the Crystal Gems will not allow Yellow Diamond?s command to take over, and they will work on something to make sure her plans will not prevail. In another post by the Movie News Guide, Lapis Lazuli may not have been very welcoming with Peridot, but in the new Steven Universe Season 2, Lazuli will save Peridot from Yellow Diamond?s wrath and her spaceship will not be able to hurt Peridot.

Lazuli will also spare Steven from fighting the Cluster?s spaceships and took them down with her own power. Lapis Lazuli, Steven and Peridot will form a new bond that will help the Crystal Gem group fight the opponent.

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