Steven Universe Season 2 Spoilers: Lapis Lazuli and Peridot Become Best Friends?

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Fans have still yet to hear any announcements on the release of the next season of Steven Universe. However, it looks like clips of an episode for Steven Universe season 2 may have just been leaked online, according to Breathecast.

Cartoon Network may be nowhere near revealing the release date for one of its most popular shows, but the clips that leaked online may have been able to reveal the events that will happen in season 2.

Steven Universe season 2: Lapis Lazuli and Peridot relationship

Parent Herald described how Lapis Lazuli saved Steven and Peridot thanks to her supernatural powers in one of the leaked videos. According to rumors, this leaked clip could possibly hint that Steven Universe season 2 will focus on Lapis Lazuli?s relationship with Peridot.

Another leaked clip shows Steven and Lapis Lazuli beside some kind of broken gadget. Based from the clip, it looks like Steven was looking a bit unhappy because the gadget may have been from Peridot that was given to Lazuli, who in turn didn?t take the gift and instead broke it.

Peridot maybe tried to make a dramatic exit, but instead, he comes back to Steven and Lazuli with a spaceship trying to save her.

According to Ecumenical News, the episode that was leaked is rumored to be titled as ?Barn Mates.? However, Cartoon Network may change the episode title once the official episode list of season 2 comes out.

Here?s a look at one of the leaked episodes:

While fans are still waiting for the announcement of Steven Universe season 2, Newsarama reported that a comic book mini-series will be released on March 16. It may be a while before we hear any official news for the series, but you may expect some details by late 2016.

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