Steven Universe Save The Light: New Characters, Fusions And More Confirmed

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steven universe save the light
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Steven Universe Save the Light was recently shown off in San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2017, and it looks like a huge improvement over it’s predecessor Attack the Light. While the visuals and gameplay are similar to Attack the Light – a mobile RPG – a number of additions have been made for the console-based sequel. Fans of the hit Cartoon Network series will be happy to see a few new characters, as well as a few new features that helps the game feel more like the show.

The biggest addition to the game are the Dragon Ball Z-esque fusions, which can be seen in the game’s trailer. We see Steven and Connie’s fusion Stevonnie in action, after a cute little dance that should put a smile on the faces of many fans. Opal, the combined form of Amethyst and Pearl, will also make an appearance, so it’s safe to assume that every fusion in the cartoon is in the game.

Characters that were not in Attack the Light have been confirmed for Steven Universe Save the Light, like Mr. Universe, Connie and Peridot. It’s a good way to add some depth to the game, since each character has a unique set of attacks and skills that can be used in battle. Steven himself is no longer just a supporting character but an active member of the party who can fight, something he could not do in Attack the Light.

As far as battles go, fans can expect the addictive Mario and Luigi-style battle system that was present in Attack the Light. For those unfamiliar with the battle system, it’s turn-based like most Japanese RPGs, but an extra button press can let the player deal more damage with attacks. Extra button presses can also be used to block attacks and take less damage, as long as players time it right with the opponent’s attack.

Steven Universe Save the Light doesn’t have a release date yet, but has been confirmed for a Summer 2017 release. The game will be out “on consoles,” so it should be available on PS4, Xbox One and maybe even the Nintendo Switch.

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